Dave is the first Sports Daggers contributor to calm down enough to gather his thoughts on the Redskins moving up to the #2 pick in the draft to select Robert Griffin III, here they are…..          

Everyone knows the dearth of QB talent the Redskins have had since their last Super Bowl victory (January 26, 1992 in a 72-degree Minneapolis Metrodome, a 37-24 win vs the Buffalo Bills– and no, I did not look up any of that because it’s ingrained into my brain as possibly the last great pro football moment of my life).  However, due to their success throughout the ‘80s, not many people acknowledge the lack of QB talent they had DURING their championship years.  A 26 year-old Redskins fan can honestly say that the best QB he’s ever seen don the burgundy & gold is… umm… who?  Mark Rypien?  For a season maybe.  Mark Brunell?  He won a playoff game!  Against Chris Simms… ouch.  Brad Johnson?  Record-wise, check, playoff win, check… I think we have a winner!


Tebow Almighty, I’m going to be sick.


            The NFL has always been a quarterback-driven league, but that fact has been amplified over the last decade.  The rules have changed in favor of the passing game, and the effect of these amendments is apparent by looking at the last 9 Super Bowl winning QB’s:

            2003: Tom Brady

            2004: Tom Brady

            2005 Ben Roethlisberger

            2006: Peyton Manning

            2007: Eli Manning

            2008: Ben Roethlisberger

            2009: Drew Brees

            2010: Aaron Rodgers

            2011: Eli Manning


            The last Super Bowl-winning QB that WASN’T a Top-10 signal-caller?  The aforementioned Brad Johnson (unfortunately after his Redskins tenure).


            All these points are a clear-cut rebuttal to everyone that has gone on record saying that the Redskins traded too much in order to position themselves to get either Robert Griffin III or Andrew Luck.  Yes, three 1st Round draft picks (and a 2nd) are a TON to give up in order to move up four measly spots in a draft, in fact, it’s too much to give up… for most teams.  Sadly, the flagship franchise of the Nation’s Capital is not one of them.  This move means that the Redskins now have a smaller margin for error as far as the NFL draft and Free Agency go, but they have positioned themselves to add something that they haven’t had since at least 1985, and possibly (depending on your definition) ever… an elite franchise quarterback.


            Tebow-willing, this will be the start to a decade or more of solid-to-spectacular quarterback play for the burgundy & gold, and I’ll soon have “February ?, 201?” burned into my brain.


~ by tuben4 on March 20, 2012.

2 Responses to “PRAYERS ANSWERED?”

  1. You’re dreaming if you think Robert Griffith III is a franchise QB. Have fun in last place in the NFC East, Skinnies! GMEN!

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