It Could Have Been a Great Sports Weekend

If you have listened to any of the Hog and the Curtain college football shows you may remember that my scenario for an 8 team playoff would consist of the champions of the 6 BCS conferences (ACC, Big East, Big 12, Pac 12, SEC, Big 10) and 2 at large schools.  This would mean the 8 teams vying for the championship would be LSU, Oklahoma State, Clemson, Wisconsin, West Virginia, Oregon, Alabama, and either Stanford, Arkansas or Boise State.  The biggest flaw here is that the conference system is so screwed up right now that I’ve had to back off this particular plan and go with another.  If I ran the NCAA here is how this weekend would have gone.

Friday December 9th 8:00pm FedEx Field Landover, MD– The 112th edition of the Army-Navy game moves to prime time on CBS allowing this under valued football game to remain the only game to watch.  Hopefully in this scenario Army converts the 4th and 6 and gets to reach their goal of “singing second”.

Here’s where it gets really good, following the exact BCS rankings 1-8 we begin our tournament.

Saturday December 10th 12:00pm Tiger Stadium Baton Rouge, LA– #8 seed and seriously overlooked Kansas State has the unenviable task of taking on the top seeded LSU Tigers in the first ever Division 1A playoff game.  K State keeps it close for a while, but LSU is just too much to overcome as they pull away in the second half for a 38-17 victory.

Saturday December 10th 3:30pm Bryant-Denny Stadium Tuscaloosa, AL– One of the more anticipated match-ups features perennial BCS buster and #7 seed Boise State taking on Nick Saben, Trent Richardson and the fierce Alabama defense.  Kellen Moore is efficient and this game goes back and fourth until Bama’s run game and defense finally secure the victory 21-17.  Boise gains some respect but it wasn’t meant to be.

Saturday December 10th 7:00pm Boone Pickens Stadium Stillwater, OK – Unlike the first 2 games of the day this will not be a defensive struggle, there are more fireworks in this one than the 4th of July.  There are multiple lead changes and over 1,000 yards of total offense before Arkansas finally makes the costly mistake.  Blackmon goes for 175 and 3 touchdowns as the Cowboys prevail 56-45.  We are now set to finally see which team is better Alabama or Oklahoma State.

Saturday December 10th 10:15pm Stanford Stadium Stanford, CA – These teams already played once this season and it didn’t go well for the Cardinal.  Tonight Andrew Luck puts on a show, and shows why he’s going to be the number one pick in the draft, unfortunately Oregon is too athletic, too deep, and too fast.  They are challenged more than in the first match-up, but can’t derail the Ducks, who had a chip on their shoulders for having to play in Stanford despite being Pac-12 Champions.  In the end Oregon was too much and scores the victory 42-27 in Andrew Lucks last game as a collegiate.

Sunday December 11th 7:30pm Downtown Athletic Club New York, NY – Andrew Luck, Trent Richardson, and the honey badger are all in attendance a day after their playoff performances, but the award goes to Baylor’s Robert Griffin III.  He becomes Baylor’s first Heisman Trophy winner and charms everyone during the presentation show.  Ironically he is wearing a burgundy and gold suit saying he has always wanted to be a Washington Redskin.  OK the last part is a bit of wishful thinking, Time to grab another snack and get ready for Giants and Cowboys on Sunday night.

There are plenty of people that will say the BCS still stinks, and that Wisconsin should have made it over Boise or Arkansas, but the majority of fans are thrilled at the amazing day of action they just witnessed.  We will be back in a week to preview this version of the final four, but in the meantime think of how this day compares to others on the sports calendar.  In my opinion it’s right up there with the Super Bowl, and March Madness.


~ by tuben4 on December 11, 2011.

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  1. The formula is the BCS Conference champs and 2 at-large bids from non-BCS and independents. Consistency demands that if they are in a conference, they must win it. So were have LSU vs. West Virginia, Oklahoma State vs.Southern Miss, Oregon vs. TCU, Wisconsin vs. Clemson. No one can complain they didn’t have a shot.

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