Dave Needs a Hero…

“The Dave” or Powdered Cake if you listen to Perl had plenty to say about the possible return of the “real” Tiger.  Take a read and let him know if you agree or disagree.


The last few weeks in sports have been, well, flat out crazy.  Sports fans have experienced every emotion possible… almost.


There’s something missing…


There have been major upsets, missed FGs, and BCS chaos.  There’s been Carson Palmer, Andy Dalton, and Tim Tebow.   There’s been an MLS Cup, a Sprint Cup, and a Presidents Cup.


There’s still something missing…


There’s been Joe Paterno, but no awareness.  There’s been Jerry Sandusky, but no scruples.  There’s been Penn State, but no joy…


That’s definitely not it.


What could possibly be missing?  There’s also been hockey, football, and basketball for God’s sake! 


The problem is it’s been hockey with no Sydney Crosby, football with no Peyton Manning, and basketball with no NBA.  Not to mention, unfortunately now there’s Ali, but no Frazier.


And there it is… true Greatness.  Ali and Frazier epitomized greatness.  As do those players that are currently playing hooky.  The only example of greatness available on a routine basis right now is Aaron Rodgers’ ongoing masterpiece, which leads me to this past week’s Presidents Cup.  For 12 years, we were privy to front row seats to The Tiger Woods Show.  Like him or hate him (or golf, for that matter), he put on a display of greatness unlike anything we’ve ever seen.  Then two years ago, that all ended.  The next twenty-four months were filled with scandal, seclusion, injury, rehab, swing-changes, and practice.  Which left us (up through three days of this year’s Presidents Cup) with a version of Tiger Woods that showed flashes of brilliance but lacked consistency, lacked putting ability, lacked confidence, lacked… greatness.  Then, on Hole 4 in his 1-on-1 match with Aaron Baddeley on Sunday, he was faced with an important, long putt… a 10-footer that would halve the hole.  The same type of putt he has consistently (amazingly) holed for years.  The same type of putt he has narrowly been missing for months.  And he drained it.  Then on the next hole, like a great shooter in basketball, he stepped back and hit a 17-footer.  The next hole, a 21-footer… and the rout was on.


Now granted, I have no insight to the inner-workings of Tiger Woods’ mind, but I have been watching the body language of professional athletes for three decades, and it seemed like something clicked.  As a fan, I may just be seeing what I want to see, but this may be the first paragraph to the final chapter in Tiger’s major golf career.  And I sure hope I’m right because we’ve only got another two months of Aaron Rodgers left this year, and we need another ace in the hole.


~ by tuben4 on November 25, 2011.

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