Time For Tebow

It isn’t very pretty when the ball comes out of his hands, his release looks totally different than that of Brady or Rodgers, heck even Rex Grossman throws a prettier ball, but with Tim Tebow, these things don’t matter.

My reasons for why Tebow should be Denver’s starting quarterback do not come from his performance yesterday, but yesterday solidified my case. If you didn’t watch the Broncos-Chargers game yesterday don’t look at Tebow’s stat line of 4/10 for 79 yards and a touchdown, you see Tebows impact will never come across in a box score. The only thing you need to know is that the Broncos were down 16 points in the 4th quarter when Tebow walked onto the field.

For the first 3 quarters yesterday the Broncos home field advantage sounded more like Sunday mass than a rivalry game against a hated division opponent. Enter Tim Tebow. The fans immediately start to get into the game, players immediately start to run a little faster and hit a little harder.

After a successful quarterback draw for a TD, Willis McGahee converted a 2 point conversion to cut the lead to 8, a 1 possession game.

On the next drive Tebow hits Moreno for a screen pass that explodes down the sideline for another TD. On the 2 point conversion Tebow lobs it up to Brandon Lloyd and for a split second it looks like a tie ball game, but right before crashing to the ground the ball squirted out of Lloyds fingers.

There would be no fairy tale ending for Tebow or the now rampant Broncos fans, it was close, but on this day the Chargers would survive.

Tim Tebow isn’t going to magically turn the dreadful Broncos into a playoff team, in fact they are still probably going to be awful. The thing is they are even worse with Kyle Orton under center. After almost 30 years of watching football I totally understand that on a lot of teams in the NFL Kyle Orton would be better suited to quarterback a team than Tebow right now, but the Denver Broncos aren’t one of them. Orton was a dreadful 6/13 for 34 yards and an interception. Much like Tebow’s stats don’t tell the story, Ortons don’t either. Orton was running for his life and trying to hit mediocre receivers that were being smothered by the Chargers corners. This isn’t about Orton, it’s about Tebow and his ability to lead.

Tebow is only in his second year, and is already learning a new offense in a year where he had no off season to do so. The Broncos are a bad team, and if you’re going to be bad, do it with a guy that can excite a fan base, a guy that inspires his teammates to give all they have, and a guy that you need to evaluate at some point anyways.

I don’t know whether Tim Tebow will end up being a franchise quarterback in Denver, but I do know Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn will not, so give Tebow a chance to learn on the field where you either make it or you don’t, and I for one am not betting against him.


~ by tuben4 on October 10, 2011.

3 Responses to “Time For Tebow”

  1. Whoever wrote that,”I for one am not betting against him”… is losing that bet right now.

  2. The beard is wrong. It seems Amish.

  3. The best thing about playing Tebow is that if he sucks they can tell the fans “see we gave him a shot” and move on with someone new next year. Right now he’s still a great unknown.

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