Opportunity Lost

Even the most optimistic of Redskins fans doesn’t think this team is one of the best in the NFC, most don’t think the best in the NFC East, and some think the play offs are a long shot.  Losing a game against a division opponent is always painful, and when it’s the Cowboys it stings for just a little bit longer.  Last night was so much worse on so many levels.

The Redskins lost to a team that didn’t score a touchdown.

The Redskins lost to a team that was devastated by injuries.

The Redskins lost to a team that had a quarterback ducking and grimacing anytime contact was imminent.

The Redskins lost to a team that couldn’t snap the ball from the center to the quarterback.  The exchange between center and quarterback is an after thought, and the Cowboys botched it 5 or 6 times.

There are many reasons why the Redskins lost last night, but the fact of the matter is the game was on a silver platter, and they did not take advantage of a weak opponent.  Sure Romo showed some toughness, but he certainly didn’t play a good game.  The game was played between two teams that displayed horrible offense as opposed to the great defense we kept hearing about on ESPN.

I could blame the loss on Grossman’s fumble, the bothched FG attempt, the 3rd and 21 defensive play call or the coverage on the play, I could even blame Orakpo’s hydration levels, but it just doesn’t matter.  The Skins had a chance to go 3-0 and could have, in essence, been 2 games up on the rest of the NFC East.  They didn’t do it because they didn’t play well.  The frustrating thing is they didn’t even have to play well.

As Skins fans we still have reason to be optimistic about the future, and even optimistic about the remainder of this season, but if the season ends a game or two short of the play offs think back to Monday September 26th, when the biggest rival we have tried to give us a game, and we didn’t take it.


~ by tuben4 on September 27, 2011.

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