Weekend Recap

One of my co hosts from “The Hog and the Curtain” podcast, Dave Stebbins had some thoughts on the Redskins quarterback carousel, and the  recent NBA trades, so he put his finger to the keyboard and came up with the following contribution to the Sports Daggers blog that is sweeping the country.  Enjoy.


There’s a lot I’ve got on my mind in response to the fallout of the last 36 hours of sports, and an overriding theme, as well.  First there was the benching of Redskins starting QB Donovan McNabb for Rex Grossman, then the (panicked?) duo of trades engineered by the Orlando Magic… and since we don’t have another podcast scheduled until Tuesday evening, I wanted to put this out there now…

First off, everyone needs to calm the <blank> down in response to this Donovan McNabb benching.  Does McNabb have the best overall QB’ing resume on this team?  Yes.  Does McNabb give the team the best chance to win week-to-week?  Sadly, yes.  Do I believe, for even a second, that Rex Grossman will EVER have a successful professional career?  To quote my favorite movie (Nobody’s Fool), “… not now.  Not ever.” … HOWEVER … as I’ve stated many times throughout my life, the ONLY question that matters in sports is, Is the team getting better on the current course of action?  And the answer is, unequivocally, NO.   The cupboard is completely bare at WR.  There is MAJOR reconstruction needed on the offensive line, special teams, the linebacking corps, and the Quarterback position.  And, overall, there isn’t a single area of the team that couldn’t use a significant overhaul.  So, with 3 games left on this years schedule, and MOST importantly, the team mathematically eliminated from playoff contention, doesn’t it make sense to play the younger players on the team extensively for the remainder of the season in order to properly evaluate your roster?  And if the team happens to lose in the process, then the tradeoff becomes “bragging rights” (of which a non-playoff team has NONE of anyway) for a better draft pick, which directly aides the team’s ability to improve itself in the offseason.  My personal opinion (and one that I would NEVER understand the opposing side of) is division titles mean nothing, unless it’s a stepping-stone towards a championship.  If you’re not building towards a Super Bowl title, then you’re wasting your time.


As far as the Orlando Magic’s pair of trades today, the positives begin with this… the front office of a professional team has FINALLY swallowed their pride and shown the presence of mind to realize that they were not currently constructed to win a championship.  Barring injury, plague, or Armageddon, there was NO way that the Magic were going to beat the Celtics or the Lakers in a 7-game series (and yes, the Heat are out of the equation until they prove they can beat a team with a serious inside game).  Vince Carter is just one of a long-line of professional athlete “Strippers”.  The type of athlete that looks great and makes you feel like the sky’s the limit, but would NEVER take you to the promised land (from what I’ve heard from people that frequent such places, of course).

Positive number two, they acquired a much hungrier shooting guard (Jason Richardson) and RE-acquired the orchestrator of their 2009 NBA Finals run, Hedo Turkoglu.  Now, granted Hedo has been, shall we say, less-than-stellar since he left O-town, but there may be serious “Randy Moss” parallels here (lack of interest due to lack of team success).  The prospect of being on a winning team may very well be the tonic Hedo needs to get motivated.

Now, the negative… or maybe more appropriately tagged, the head-scratcher… trading Rashard Lewis for Gilbert Arenas.  Putting aside the injuries and the gun-related issues, let’s look at the Magic roster now… their (likely) 8-man rotation looks like this-

Guards: J. Nelson, G. Arenas, J. Richardson, JJ Redick, Q Richardson

Forwards: H. Turkoglu, B. Bass

Center: D Howard

FIVE of their top 8 players are guards, and if you wish to stretch the rotation to eleven their next 3 players would likely be Jason Williams, Chris Duhon, and Earl Clark… TWO MORE guards.  What did this second trade accomplish? A salary dump?  Nope.  Filling a position of need?  Not so much.  How about more firepower in the locker room?  Sorry, couldn’t resist.  Anyway, the bottom line is this… they didn’t improve in any obvious way with this trade, and if anything, wouldn’t you want to give Rashard Lewis a chance to regain the form (and confidence) he had only so recently exhibited when he played alongside Turkoglu?  Those two players were the crux of the mismatch nightmare that helped them make the NBA Finals only two years ago.

The underlying theme to all of this… if you’re team is not progressing, you’re regressing.  There’s no worse place to be in professional sports than an average/good team that has maxed out it’s potential.


~ by tuben4 on December 19, 2010.

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  1. Everyone wondered if there would be enough basketballs to go around with the big 3 in Miami, but Lebron is actually unselfish and Bosh plays mainly in the post. Arenas, Nelson, and Turkoglu all need the ball in their hands to be comfortable. I don’t really see it working, but who knows?

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