5 and 8

After an extremely frustrating loss last Sunday afternoon I started to think about the Redskins roster.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  I honestly believe that from a front office standpoint the Redskins are in a better place than they have been in a long, long time.  I don’t love Shanahan or some of the things he has done, but I do think he’s a very good football coach, and until I feel otherwise I will have no problem with him guiding the ship.  After watching virtually every play this season (and most others) I’ve compiled some of my takes on the team.

Most Valuable Player-I’m not trying to be different with this, but I honestly think my vote would go to Brandon Banks.  Let’s face it, this team struggles to move the ball and get first downs.  Banks has game after game made plays on special teams to get the offense in a position to score points.  Banks helped significantly in his first game against the Eagles, and hasn’t stopped since.  Penalties have killed Banks from being nationally known as he has had countless returns brought back because of yellow laundry on the field.  Banks could have been the main reason for victories at Detroit and against Minnesota this year if not for mindless penalties on special teams.

Runner Up-Sometimes it is painful to watch Deangelo Hall on defense.  He has missed some big tackles, and he has been burned going for the big play a few times, but the fact of the matter is Hall has won one game all by himself when he tied a single game NFL record with 4 int’s against the Bears, and basically won a second game against Dallas with his defensive Touchdown on the last play of the first half.

Most Frustrating, Team-This is an easy one for me, I hate watching guys drop passes more than just about anything.  This year the Skins can’t seem to hold onto the football.  The 2 best receivers on the team, Moss and Cooley are two of the biggest culprits, and it drives me crazy.  Leading into the Titans game earlier this year the Skins were historically bad on 3rd down conversions, and dropped passes were one of the reasons why.

Runner Up, Team-This would have been the winner, but honestly I’m so tired of the whole thing I don’t even want to mention it.  Albert Haynesworth in 2010 has been a story that daytime TV would be proud of.  Enough already.

Most Frustrating, Player-You would think that this category might as well be called “The Carlos Rodgers Award”, but at this point it’s gone beyond frustration, the guy just can’t catch, and am I really going to rip on the best cover corner the team has?  This is a tough one, but the winner is, Rocky Macintosh.  I don’t know what has happened to Rocky in a season that started so well for him, but he can’t tackle or cover anymore.  I know it’s a new scheme, and it may not be his fault, but some of his whiffs would make Will Nieves proud.

Runner Up, Player-I’m giving this to Fred Davis because he should be so much better than he is, again it may not be his fault, but this guy has pro bowl talent and for some reason he rarely does anything.

High Point of the Season-When you beat the Cowboys and Eagles you know there are at least a few good moments, but I’m giving this one to the overtime victory against the Green Bay Packers.  When this game took place the Packers were favorites in the NFC, and the Skins were still providing hope.  After this game the play-offs seemed like a realistic possibility.

Runner Up-Less than one week after being flattened worse than the Wizards tonight, the Redskins put the visions of Michael Vick behind them and went into Tennessee and gutted out a victory with a depleted roster.  A proud weekend for us fans.

Low Point of the Season-The Donovan McNabb benching at Detroit.  I still don’t get this one, and I’m still mad about it.  Just ridiculous.

Runner Up-The Donovan McNabb benching at Detroit.  I still don’t get this one, and I’m still mad about it.  Just ridiculous.

I have a few more thoughts, but I’m just going to break them into two categories, things that depress me, and things that give me hope.

Things That Depress Me-Any time there is a safety on the field not named Laron Landry, Not having a #1 wide receiver (again), having yet another high first round draft pick, constant rumors that Rex Grossman is going to play in the upcoming week, the Redskins linebackers (look I really like and respect London Fletcher, and it is truely hard for me to say this, but I just don’t think he’s very good anymore, at least in a 3-4), every single offensive lineman not named Trent WIlliams, and finally the Washington Redskins losing to Detroit, St. Louis, and Tampa Bay in the same season.

Things That Give Me Hope-Trent Williams (I’d list him 5 times in a row if I thought it would help prove my point), Ryan Torain, Brian Orakpo, having yet another high first round draft pick, Bruce Allen, Lorenzo Alexander on special teams, the fact that the team still gives a strong effort every Sunday, the fact that Haynesworth is finally away from the headlines as far as the team is concerned, and Donovan McNabb.

I need to go into some detail on McNabb being in the positive section.  I’ll be the first to admit that McNabb has had some bad stretches this year, but I have watched basically every single Redskins game for close to 30 straight seasons, and I can tell you that if the starting quarterback this year was named Campbell, Collins, Brunell, Ramsey, Matthews, Wuerffel, Banks, or Graham, and trust me the list goes on, and on, and on, the Redskins would not have even the 5 wins that they do so far this season.  This is not a good offensive line, in fact it’s a pretty bad one.  These are not good wide receivers, in fact they are below average, and yet McNabb is on pace to break the single season passing yards record for the Redskins, and set his personal mark for yards in a season.  Taking these numbers, and the dropped passes into the equation I still feel good that McNabb is here.

If you just read this and are wondering how I haven’t mentioned Casey Rabach in any of my negative lists, I’ll ask that you listen to “The Hog and the Curtain” sports show, which is a weekly podcast that I am a part of.  One of my co hosts spends a fair amount of time every week sharing his “thoughts” on Rabach.  You can listen on Itunes or at http://www.hogandthecurtain.com.

5-8 is disappointing, and it’s slowly becoming more and more difficult to go through this again and again year after year, but picture AJ Green, Julio Jones, or Justin Blackmon at wide receiver or a revamped offensive line, or a competent safety next to Landry in 2011.  Also keep in mind that last year the Skins went 4-12, so if they can get to 7-9, that’s a pretty good improvement from last year.  As long as I live I’ll be saying “Hail to the Redskins”, I just hope sooner rather than later I’m saying it in late January.


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