What Off-Season?

I have a lot of things rattling around in my head today so I’m just gonna throw some of them out there.

Soccer was the biggest story in sports yesterday, and team USA and Landon Donovan deserved it too.  Just because soccer isn’t one of the big 3 American sports it doesn’t mean the players don’t work as hard as any other athletes, and the fans don’t care as much.  That being said another American athlete was doing something pretty special yesterday.  John Isner will never get talked about as much as he should, his tennis match at Wimbledon will never get as much coverage as it deserves.  I know tennis is pretty much an afterthought nowadays, but this feat is one that has to be talked about.  In case you don’t know, John Isner defeated Nicolas Mahut in a fifth set marathon that ended at 70 to 68.  If you ever played competitive tennis (and I did at the absolute lowest level) you can’t help but to laugh at this every time you see, hear, or think about it.  It’s remarkable.  I can’t put into words the improbability of this happening.  One double fault, one unforced error, one gust of wind, and this match isn’t what it became.  This match lasted 11 hours and five minutes, and spanned 3 days.  3 days!  It wasn’t a great tennis match, but it’s a great accomplishment for both players to have the mental and physical ability to even be standing for that long let alone playing in the most important event the sport has to offer.

Along those same lines nothing like that match will ever happen again so don’t change your rules Wimbledon.  Once in over 100 years of matches doesn’t make a pattern, don’t over react and make the fifth set a tie breaker.  You are what you are because of tradition.

Strasburg has lived up to the massive hype that surrounded him, it’s so great to see Nationals Park full and buzzing as he strikes out hitter after hitter.

In and around Washington DC the anticipation for John Wall is as big as it was for Strasburg, I don’t remember Wizards fans being this excited bout anything in a long, long time.

Japans first goal today made me think of Piston Honda and how great Mike Tyson’s Punchout is for the original nintendo.

I think team USA can beat anyone in the world if the game comes to penalty kicks, hopefully it doesn’t come to that, but if it does I’m confident.

Here’s an interesting Question, hey I can dream can’t I?


~ by tuben4 on June 24, 2010.

3 Responses to “What Off-Season?”

  1. We played for 3 days, not 2… check your sources!

  2. Are we really satisfied with a pitcher who gives up 1 run every game?

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