Dissapointment in DC and an Opportunity in Baltimore

It appears that a few weeks ago when I blogged about the Albert Haynesworth situation I was wrong.  I expressed how fans and media alike were making a big deal over nothing.  If it ever really was nothing it’s turned into something, and that something is a BIG problem.  When your new head coach (2 time Super Bowl winning coach) says you “took the check” there is clearly something wrong.  When your team leader and possibly best player London Fletcher says Fat Albert is “selfish” and “cannot be depended on” something has to be done.

I’m not smart enough to know if the Skins can get some of their money back or how these insane contracts work, but I understand that this relationship needs to end, and end soon.  It’s one thing when fans and media are upset, but we are now talking about coaches and teammates.  Haynesworth can no longer be a Redskin.  I’d be shocked at this point if the team can even get anything in return for Haynesworth, but if you can, that’s obviously the best option, no matter what the return is.  Unfortunately I think it comes down to flat out releasing him, admit it was a bad decision, and begin to move on.  It’s really sad when a player in any sport has as much ability as Haynesworth, and chooses not to use it.  In all honesty I believe Haynesworth is the best defensive tackle the Redskins have had in the last 20 years.  When he plays, he is a monster, but he has become a “T.O” type player, and all that talent isn’t worth all that baggage.

On a totally different topic as a Washington Nationals fan I have seen some terrible baseball the last two seasons, I know what it’s like to support a team that loses 100 games.  I am not an Orioles fan, but I don’t enjoy them being the worst team in baseball either.  It would be hilarious if the Ravens were this bad, but not the Orioles.  Baltimore is 18-47 and 23.5 games back in what is annually the toughest division in baseball.  23.5 games back, and it’s June 16th, this is worse than bad, it’s sad.  The Orioles haven’t been good since the last time rap was, the late 90’s.  The O’s aren’t even relevant in the state of Maryland anymore.  Luckily I have the solution.

When you think of the Baltimore Orioles who is the first person that comes to mind?  Who is the one guy that played in the “steroid era” that still has a sparkling image?  It’s time for the Baltimore Orioles to hire Cal Ripken to manage the team.  Ripken is the only guy that can make people believe again at Camden Yards.  No one will argue that he knows baseball better than almost anyone.  No one can argue that Ripken will demand the respect of his players, and last but not least no one can say that Ripken wouldn’t work day and night to get this ship sailing in the right direction.  Ripken just won’t fail.  Cal once called pitches from his position at shortstop because the pitchers and catchers knew he was the player that knew how to attack the hitters.  The hiring of Ripken would probably put 1,000 or so more fans in the stadium on a nightly basis, and I have to believe long term that free agents would want to play for a guy they looked up to for so long.  Managing is in Ripkens”s blood, as his father was a long time skipper, and he played for Hall of Famers Earl Weaver and Frank Robinson.  Make the move Baltimore, hire the guy that has never let you down before, and give him a chance to help make you matter again.


~ by tuben4 on June 16, 2010.

One Response to “Dissapointment in DC and an Opportunity in Baltimore”

  1. ix-nay on the ipken-ray eroids-stay talk

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