Armando Gallaraga and Lebron’s Mom

What do they have in common? They both got screwed.

We talk a lot on this blog about how the teams we root for seem to always suffer ridiculous fates. And it’s true. Just look at the last week of Nats baseball for proof. I mean the guys on Sportscenter even joke about it.

But the last few weeks have shown that sports fans in other cities aren’t immune.

Take Cleveland for example. The story of Delonte West and Lebron’s mom is captivating to say the least. If you’re not familiar with it, check out the Hog and the Curtain podcast from 3 weeks ago or Anyway, not only did that rendezvous cost the Cavs that series after Lebron mailed in Game 5’s performance, but it probably ended their franchise. I thought there was little chance of him returning to Cleveland before this…now I’d be shocked if he did. And if he goes, that team should just fold or move down to the NBDL.

And what about Detroit? I know they’re not a suffering sports city, but what happened with Gallaraga and Jim Joyce is just nonsense. The guy pitched a perfect game…except that no one will ever remember it because of a blown call. Sort of makes me a believer in instant replay in baseball. Since they have it for home runs, why not have it for plays like that as well?

Anyway, it seems that sportsdaggers happen outside the DC area as well.


~ by sportsdaggers on June 4, 2010.

2 Responses to “Armando Gallaraga and Lebron’s Mom”

  1. get the hell out of here with instant replay in baseball. human error is part of the game. if joyce had made the same call in the 4th inning and it turned out to be the only hit of the game, this would be much less of a story…the timing sucked, but one stat in early June of 2010 shouldn’t cause radical change in a game that has been played the right way for over a century. i agree it was was a bad call, but every time a bad call is made in baseball these days, there is Mike Greenberg-esque knee jerk reaction that the game needs instant replay. it doesn’t. there are 162 games to work out the top teams in the league and bad calls are going to go both ways during the course of the year. sorry, Big Cat (remember when he’d do the splits at first base), you don’t get your name in the record books for a perfect game…that sucks, i wish it wasn’t that way, but it is. you’ll get more notoriety by getting screwed out of your perfect game than if you were just another name on the list. because everyone knows exactly who threw the last perfect game before this season, right?

    • yeah wrynny, i like the fire. For the record I am 100% against instant replay in baseball. That same night the nats lost a game because of a blown call by the ump, there isn’t an outcry for correcting that call. The guy got royally screwed, but the Tigers still won the game. There are countless games where blown calls determine which team actually wins, and those are more important. They won’t change the Bartman call and say fan interference so they cant change anything after the fact, ever.

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