Take it to the Bank

In case anybody reading this mindless blog hasn’t figured out why it’s called Sports Daggers, here’s another example.

You won’t find any bigger Washington Nationals fans than my brother, a few of our friends, and I.  We had season tickets, we went to the first game ever, and most telling we watch basically every single game on TV.  I stayed up till 1:00am just last night watching the Nats find a way to beat former Husky Hurler Tim Lincecum.  Even if you aren’t as big of a Nats fan as I am you surely know what is on the horizon for DC’s newest franchise.

Since the Nationals made phenom pitcher Stephen Strasburg the first overall pick in last years draft his major league debut has been the single most anticipated event in the young history of the Nats.  I knew about 6 months ago that Strasburg’s debut would fall on Tuesday June, 8th 2010.

I didn’t know this because I have something in common with Miss. Cleo, I knew this because it is the one single day in the entire baseball season that I knew I wouldn’t be able to attend.  Sure I grasped and bought tickets for June 4th, and secretly I’ll still grasp for him to pitch that night or even some night after June 8th, but  the fact of the matter is, it was always supposed to be June 8th.  Normally I can change or bail on plans at the drop of a hat when a sports team is involved, but this particular night is quite possibly the only chance I’ll have to see my comedic hero (if that’s even a thing) Conan O’ Brien preform live at Constitution Hall.

I guess my plan as of now is to take June 9th off from work, and record all the festivities from Nationals Park.  If I keep my phone and radio off during, and after Conan’s show maybe I can still watch Strasburg pitch with some of the same excitement that I’d have if I were there.  It just doesn’t seem fair for fans that have paid money for tickets to see the Nats trot out guys like Micah Bowie, Odalis Perez, Saul Rivera, and Hulk Horgan to the mound to have to miss this one particular game that just happened to fall on Tuesday June 8th, 2010.

One last thought on the whole Conan thing, does it surprise anybody what happened to him on NBC when I had seen just about every one of his shows for the last 10 years?  Not really a Sports Dagger, but equally frustrating.  I guess characters like Fidel Castro DJ Rabbit, Vomiting Kermit, and FedEx Pope aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.


~ by tuben4 on May 27, 2010.

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