Redskins Wish List

I am going to try to keep this at least somewhat realistic.  I’m not going to do the “sports talk radio wish list”  where someone would call in and say “you know Peyton Manning threw a terrible pick in the super bowl, maybe the colts would trade him for Laron Landry, and the #4 pick in the draft”.  On a side note if Peyton Manning were on the Eagles would he have been too old?  Anyways my wish list will include a few very possible moves that I would like to see happen.  For the record I realize that most or none of them actually will.

#1-Trade the number 4 overall pick in exchange for a pick in the 14-25 range in the first round and a pick in the second round.  We all know the skins biggest need is still offensive line, but this upcoming draft seems to be loaded with offensive tackles.  I could see getting Anthony Davis from Rutgers in the mid first round, and using the newly acquired 2nd rounder on a corner back or possibly even another offensive lineman.

#2-If the trade down scenario doesn’t pan out use the pick on offensive tackle Russell Okung.  The monster LT out of Oklahoma State seems to be the best tackle in this deep and talented draft.  I would be very happy if this scenario plays out, and honestly if GM Bruce Allen and Head Coach Mike Shanahan truly believe Okung can have a Chris Samuels type career then I would consider making this #1.

#3-Find a way to make the “Golden” pick.  I am not a Notre Dame fan at all, but through last year, in my humble opinion, Golden Tate was the very best player in all of college football.  I saw the Fighting Irish play probably 10 times through the course of last season, and every time one guy stuck out.  This guy literally caught everything thrown his way.  You often hear commentators talk about guys catching with their hands.  If you ever wondered what this means watch some Golden Tate highlights.  When I was thinking about NFL players that Tate reminded me of I ironically thought of Denver Bronco WR Brandon Marshall who was drafted by none other than current Redskins coach Mike Shanahan.  I think Marshall’s off the field problems have been a little misleading, but they are still distractions at the very least.  I don’t have a crystal ball, but I don’t think Tate will be a guy that makes many headlines off the field either.

#4-Turn picks into more picks.  This is where the “somewhat realistic” comment I made earlier comes into play.  I don’t really see a way in making this happen, but I would be pleased to see the Redskins trade down over and over and over again, and hopefully doubling the amount of picks the team has.  I was in no way against the McNabb trade, but it did take away a pick from an already paltry number.  Mel Kiper says this is one of the deepest drafts that he can remember, and that’s good enough for me to think trading a 5th for two 6th’s is a smart move.

My brother covered the Mcnabb story a little bit yesterday, but here’s my two cents.  The most important position in all of football, and possibly all of sports is quarterback.  The Redskins traded for a possible Hall of Famer who is only 33 years old.  They got him from a division rival which in my opinion makes that same rival team much less scary.  How can this not be a home run?  If for some reason a contract extension can’t be worked out between McNabb and the Skins.  Assuming McNabb gets a 3 to 5 year extension I believe this is the best trade the Redskins have made since acquiring Earnest Byner from the Cleveland Browns for Mike Oliphant back in 1989.  Who knows, maybe next year I’ll watch Donovan McNabb throw a touchdown pass to Golden Tate.  I wouldn’t bet on it, but I can dream can’t I?


~ by tuben4 on April 9, 2010.

2 Responses to “Redskins Wish List”

  1. Love the 2/3 scenario. I’m a little surprised that C.J. Spiller wasn’t mentioned though. My Possibly related posts: (automatically generated) includes: The Indian Vegetarian 100 Meme. My guess is a potato dish called Golden Tate.

    • The plan from the beginning included a CJ Spiller scenario, and I just happened to forget.

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