Did Somebody Say McNabb?

So in hindsight maybe the Sports Daggers’ Spring Break Sabbatical was poorly timed.   A few things have happened.  Something involving Tiger, who cares; Duke winning the title and Butler ending one of the best tournaments in history with a classic “what if” miss; and Opening Day for MLB.

The latter was a particularly sad and humiliating event for D.C., because the Phillies were in town and…

Wait a second.  Philly – why does that ring a bell?  Oh that’s right.  To the thousands of Phillies fans that ascended upon D.C. this week to humiliate the Nats and their fans I have one message:  when you head out, please leave your quarterback at the door.

I was at Nationals Park on Monday and the mood of the Eagles fans in attendance (of which there were many) could be characterized as “subdued.”  I’m sure they’ll get over it quickly and by the time the season starts they’ll be in a full lather and more than ready to hate the rival team’s quarterback that they hated even when he played for them, but it was still a sight to see on Monday, when it was nothing more than the dawning realization that they might actually be forced to regret their treatment of McNabb.

I told one Eagles fan that it was hard for me to imagine McNabb in a Redskins uniform, because he has been a ‘Skins killer for so long.  He said “he’s been killing us too.”  After railing against McNabb’s accuracy, he then shifted gears and got to the heart of the matter: “I just can’t believe they traded him to the Redskins.”  It’s almost as if he acknowledged on some level that the treatment of McNabb by Eagles fans may have been unfair, that maybe in his head even as he weighed his deficiencies he realized that a rival team has nonetheless improved.

Another fan described the trade as “one of the rare deals that hurts both teams.”  I didn’t think it was worth it to say what I was thinking, that that makes no sense whatsoever, but if nothing else it sums up the dual thinking on McNabb.   If they feel as though they’re now freed from the shackles of the McNabb era (in which they lay the burden of a 1-4 record in NFC Championships solely on him, not on the coach that led them there, and coached those games, and made the decision when and where to trade McNabb) I can only say bring on Kevin Kolb, because if those are the minimum standards for success the pressure on him will be immense.

As for me, I like the trade.  In fact the only reason I can think of not to like it is that it seems like almost nothing works out for the Redskins in the Snyder era, so any move they make is doomed to fail.  I can’t help but think that this is different because a) I’m a ‘Skins fan and will always find a way to rationalize a move and say it’s different, and b) because of Mike Shanahan.  It’s hard to argue Shanahan didn’t get an ideal quarterback for his system, and that McNabb didn’t get the ideal coach to help preserve his career.  Most importantly, it’s hard to argue the Redskins didn’t become a better team.


~ by Kidman on April 8, 2010.

3 Responses to “Did Somebody Say McNabb?”

  1. TD – Wordplay!

  2. Peanut Butter & Jelly, Rock & Roll, Phillies fans & jorts.

    Also, minor knit to pick. Philly fans don’t “ascend” on DC either geographically or metaphorically. They “descend” in every way imanginable and it ain’t pretty.

  3. The quarterback that McNabb compares best with is Elway. A big guy with a big arm, great feet and an undisputed leader. It is interesting that if you believe that a backup quarterback should be a slightly diminished version of your starter, so you don’t change anything when he comes in, you would have to say that Jason Campbell is the perfect backup for McNabb.

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