Worst Bracket Ever, Part C

I’m going to start this post by saying this is absolutely the bracket to follow if you want to make money on the tournament this year, although my influence has lessened since Greg Anthony turned pro.  I’ve gone over and over my bracket and it is simply flawless.  I’ll get right into it using Dempsey’s (Part I) format.

Overall:  (Rock) Chalk pretty much all over.  I’d like to see the Midwest in turmoil with Maryland and Georgetown making the elite eight.  It won’t happen but I’d like it.  And yes,  I would consider any scenario that doesn’t involve Kansas turmoil.

Hardest region: Midwest.

Weakest region: The south.  Even with a 17th team it’s weak.  Great news for Duke, except that no matter what they can expect a tough second-round game.   If they get past that, however, it’s a relative cakewalk.

Upsets:  Dempsey picked a 16 seed to win and “tuben4” has an 11 in the Final Four, so I guess nothing is off limits. I am going to be comparatively conservative and say New Mexico St. over Michigan State.  While a Morgan St.  upset will never happen,  I at least give the committee credit for setting up a Bob Huggins/Todd Bozeman matchup to open TV coverage of the tournament on Friday.

Sleepers: Maryland.  Because of their four seed in a brutal region, nothing is expected from them. But if you eliminate one lousy half against Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament they are one of the hottest teams in the country, winning nine of their last ten in the regular season, including a win over Duke (and a loss to Duke).  They also have an experienced back court, a great coach, and score in bunches when they’re on.   Like all classic Gary Williams teams they won’t lack for effort and have a strong leader in Greivis Vasquez, who will not be eager to see his career end (translation: Houston 71, Maryland 60).  I have Kansas beating them in the Sweet 16, but I would love to be caught sleeping on the Terps myself.

Hardest game to pick: Arkansas Pine-Bluff vs. Winthrop.  This might be hard to believe, but I have not watched either team this year.  In fact it’s only an assumption that the AR on the bracket sheet stands for Arkansas.

Question: What will Duke do?   I’ve been hearing that this year’s team is different from the Duke teams responsible for their recent string of tournament under-achievement.  Problem is, I’ve heard that every other year too .  Like the Yankees, more people hate them than love them but seemingly everybody wants to see how they do.   The answer on my bracket: a loss to Louisville in the second round.

Final Four: Kansas, Syracuse, West Virginia, and Baylor (hey Dempsey).

Final Game: Kansas-West Virginia

Winner: Kansas.


~ by Kidman on March 17, 2010.

3 Responses to “Worst Bracket Ever, Part C”

  1. 1…2…C? Btw, given the fact that she’s atop our bracket pool, you should’ve had your wife write this column.

  2. Monte Coleman is head coach of Ark. Pine Bluff. For some reason this was posted on Redskins Insider today.

  3. Kidman, the AR comment made me laugh out loud.

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