Worst Bracket Ever, Part I

Here are my initial feelings about this year’s NCAA Tournament. Or, put another way, here is what you should definitely NOT do if you want any chance of winning your office pool.

Overall: Midwest and East regions (Kansas and Kentucky) go relatively chalk, West and South are bracket-busters.

Hardest region: Midwest, without a doubt. Kansas, Ohio St., Georgetown, Maryland….this region goes 11 deep. All the way down to San Diego State.

Weakest region: South. Baylor and Purdue as the 3 and 4? Ridiculous. If Baylor was playing anybody (and I do mean anybody) but Sam Houston State in the first round, I’d pick them to lose. And Purdue lost Hummel for the year. And they’re playing a very good Siena team. I’d say it’s an easy road for Duke and Villanova to the Elite 8, but…Louisville beats Duke in Round 2.

Upsets: I actually think there are two 16-seeds with a shot at winning: Lehigh (although I have Kansas in the final game) and Vermont (who beat Syracuse in their last trip to the tourney). Since I can’t pick Lehigh (even though I want to), I’m taking Vermont.

Sleepers: Siena, Cornell, and UTEP to the Sweet 16, Siena and Gonzaga to the Elite 8.

Hardest game to pick: Richmond vs. St. Mary’s. I like both of these teams, and think that both of them have a shot at beating Villanova in Round 2.

Question: If Kansas is the #1 overall seed, why don’t they play the winner of the play-in game? Isn’t the play-in supposed to be the 64th and 65th teams?

Final Four: Kansas, Pitt, Kentucky, Villanova

Final Game: Kansas-Kentucky (Self-Calipari rematch)

Winner: Kentucky (redemption for Calipari…followed by Kentucky’s program getting put on probation after Wall goes pro this summer).

Stay tuned for Tuben’s response…


~ by sportsdaggers on March 16, 2010.

One Response to “Worst Bracket Ever, Part I”

  1. The most accurate prognostication: “here is what you should definitely NOT do if you want any chance of winning your office pool.”

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