Worst Bracket Ever, Part 2

There will be a lot of differences between Dempsey’s brackets and mine, but one thing that our picks will have in common is that you should stay away from them if you are trying to win money. 

I’ll start with something we agree on.

The Midwest region is just plain brutal.  Why does the number one overall seed get by far the toughest region in the tournament?  Never mind, it doesn’t matter because I’m taking Georgetown over Maryland in the region final.  Why?  I like them better than the other teams.  Kansas seems to be the unanimous favorite to win the whole thing, but if you pick them, and they win, you better be good at picking tie breakers, and I’m not.  The only upsets I am going to pick are San Diego State over Tennessee and a minor upset of Georgia Tech over Oklahoma State.

In my opinion the East is the second most difficult region (miles behind the Midwest) so I’ll go there now. This is where my picks go even further off the rails.  I am taking Washington to upset Marquette……..and everyone else in the region.  I know, I know, they are from a terrible Pac 10 conference  and they are playing a good Big East team.  It doesn’t matter, if I picked West Virginia they’d go out in the second round, and Dempsey picked Kentucky so they’re done.  Other than the Huskies the only upset I’m taking is Montana over New Mexico.  I saw guard Anthony Johnson go off in the Big Sky conference final so I’ll ride him and Grizzlies to an upset in round one.

On to the West where I am going to take Syracuse as my only number one seed to advance to Indianapolis.  I don’t really like Syracuse, but when Dempsey picked them to be the first one seed to fall to a sixteen I had to quickly change my thinking.  I’m going to have the Orangemen beating Xavier in the regional final.  Xavier plays in an under rated Atlantic 10 conference, and has plenty of tourney experience.  The other reason I am picking them is because I don’t believe in Kansas State, Pitt, or Vanderbilt.  So it’s Xavier – Syracuse by default with the Cuse advancing.

The South seems to be the ugly step child of the four regions, but I actually think it’s a little better than the West.  I think the eight – nine game between California and Louisville is one that Duke should be very interested in because it won’t be easy for the Blue Devils to get to the sweet sixteen.  Like Dempsey I’m taking  Siena over Purdue, and possibly to the sweet sixteen.  Until now I have been thinking that Villanova would be my pick to go to the final four, but my brother goes to Duke, and my mom who is in the hospital likes Duke, so I’m taking the Blue Devils.

That makes my final four Duke, Syracuse, Washington, and Georgetown

My national championship will be Georgetown over Washington (come on it’s not like I’m even in it at this point).

If you can only watch a few first round games I would do my best to watch Temple against Cornell (Can the big red win for Andy Bernard?) as these two teams that seem to be under seeded are both very good.  Notre Dame and Old Dominion should be a pretty wild ride as the monarchs have beaten Georgetown this year and come from a very strong mid major conference, and the Irish seem to be hitting their stride of late.  Butler and UTEP could be a game where they have to change the nets a few times with all the scoring that could be going on in San Jose, and who doesn’t like to watch high scoring teams that normally fly under the radar?  Last but not least I would recommend watching Maryland against Houston.  Houston is the one team in the field that is in only because of a cinderella run through the conference tournament, and I root for Maryland so an upset could be likely.


~ by tuben4 on March 16, 2010.

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