A New Day?

I have to admit that I was expecting to wake up this morning and learn that the Redskins had signed Julius Peppers to a 5 year contract.  I like Julius Peppers and think he’s a good player, but let’s allow the Bears and their fans to have this one.  The Redskins dominate free agency year in and year out, and normally the headlines are grabbed within the first 12 hours.

Last year it was Albert Haynesworth who made the first big splash by signing with Washington over teams like Tampa Bay and the New York Giants.  I’ll confess, I get excited when my favorite team signs pro bowlers.  We think they will help the Redskins take out the hated opponents in the NFC East.  I like that Dan Snyder gets players he thinks will help the team win.  I don’t mind that he spends more money than everyone else.

You know what I found out today?  I don’t mind that at this moment Dan Snyder is no longer running the Washington Redskins.  I liked winning the off season every year because no matter what anyone wants to say, it brings us fans some hope.  I like even more not winning the off season if it leads to actual winning on the field.  Bruce Allen seems to have convinced Snyder that he can turn this ship around, and I for one am glad.  I don’t know what Allen has strategy wise moving forward, but it appears to include a much quieter approach than what we’re used too.  I think the biggest news from the first day of free agency is that we haven’t had any, and that sounds pretty good to me.


~ by tuben4 on March 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “A New Day?”

  1. Would Westbrook and Portis work?

    • The idea of Westbrook as a 3rd down back is very intriguing, but I’m thinking the skins will spend a late round pick on a running back with hopefully the same types of skills.

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